Summer 2001



Beavers in our Lower Mainland

by Aretha Munro

Beside Horseshoe Slough and the train tracks, there is a beaver lodge and series of beaver dams.  

Beaver communities are rather large and a beaver lodge is usually built on islands, on banks of ponds, or shores of lakes. In this case the lodge is farther up near the train tracks. The beavers use their lodges to raise their young, for protection they are built strong and solid.

A dam on the other hand is where the beavers widen the area they live in, and increase the depths of the water. It’s made out of mud brushwood, stones and is reinforced with twigs, branches and small logs. They keep adding on and fixing it throughout the years.

Kevin Craig, a resident here at Finn Slough, takes his dog Django for walks near that area. He has seen the beavers and their lodges and dams. He first saw the beavers about a year ago. He has seen a couple of beavers from the family, living there. The dams have been there for quite a while. Once, while they were on a walk a beaver came out of the water and pulled part

of a salmon berry bush right out of the ground! Those beavers have lots of strength especially with their teeth!!! One beaver cut a tree down that was growing out of Adam Slade’s wharf.

Once in a while the beavers come here to Finn Slough. We rarely see them so it is quite a treat. 

by Aretha Munro

Summer here is bright and sunny
Occasionally there will be some bunnies
There’s bush upon bush of blackberries
If you look onto the water, floating by will be ferries
Always a dinner party at someone’s place
And a variety of foods to taste
Dave and Annie live with me and you
They leave for England in a week or two
They are only gone for a year
But hey, I hear they brew good beer
The fishermen in Finn Slough do test fishing at Finn Slough
They might find a salmon or two
It’s not to sell but to test
That way always the best

photo of beaver dam at Woodward’s Slough by Arlene Hewitt



Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Grease a pie pan.
Heap clean blackberries in pie pan.
Sprinkle 2 tablespoons flour
and ¼ cup white sugar over the berries.


1 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup wheat germ
½ cup flour
½ cup sugar
½ cup margarine

Cover berries and bake for 25 minutes.
Good with yoghurt or ice cream.




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