Petition letter to save the Historic Fishing Village of Finn Slough,

 Richmond, British Columbia.


        It has come to my attention that Richmond is threatened with the impending loss of Finn Slough as it is today known and loved.  It is hard to understand why this unique place with such historic and ecological value has yet to have its survival guaranteed.  Finn Slough is an important part of Richmond's identity.  Originally established by Finnish pioneers who bought land at Finn Road in the early 1890's, Finn Slough has been a working fishing community for over a hundred years.  Now it is a rare example of an active, historical settlement living in harmony with its natural setting in the Fraser River wetlands.  I do not want to see this important heritage and ecological site lost as so many others have been.

        Most of British Columbia's pioneer settlements have already been lost to expansion and development.  We have already lost many special ecosystems and much of B.C.'s biodiversity.  Finn Slough, like nowhere else, preserves both history and ecology together.  Books, magazines and news features have celebrated its unique qualities and have recognized on a national level Finn Slough's historic importance. 

        Lower mainland cyclists, walkers, equestrians, naturalists, boaters, painters, poets, photographers and film makers who now actively enjoy Finn Slough's remarkable qualities would find the removal of the Finn Slough community and the development of the area to be a devastating and irreplaceable loss. 

        Surely the resources can be found to save this small but significant part of Richmond.  Please take action to defend this historical and ecological site and save Finn Slough. 



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