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Welcome to Finn Slough and the Finn Slough Heritage & Wetland Society.  The residents and fishers who live and work in this unique community invite you to explore the pages of this website and uncover the many delightful aspects of the "Slough"; its Finnish roots, the who's who of wildlife and plants, current events related to our community and its role in the rich heritage of the Fraser River.

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Finn Slough (or sometimes Gilmore or Tiffin Slough) can be found on the south arm of the mighty Fraser River in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.  The Slough is bounded on the Fraser River side by Gilmour Island and on the north by a dyke built to protect Richmond.  Access to homes on the Gilmour Island side of the Slough is by a wooden draw-bridge, creating a definite sense of isolation from the nearby urban areas of Richmond and Vancouver.

It is pronounced "slew".









 19th Annual, 2019...

Art about Finn Slough Show

The show was in the Atrium and Performance Hall.

When? Set up April 10th, Show opens noon April 11th, runs till Sunday April 14th at 3 pm. 

Where? Richmond Cultural Centre. Art will be received set up day April 10th in the Atrium, 3 to 7 pm;

Why?  This show celebrated Finn Slough, a special place in Richmond, and the many artists of all sorts that make art to do with it!  It celebrates the idea that small is beautiful, as is the passage of time and its effect, and the conversation about this (visual and verbal) that art promotes.

What else? The speaker for the Friday evening celebration of artists and art, April 12th was Nadeane Trowse.  The subject - "Borrowed Landscape, Finn Slough, Artists and the Photography of David Cary".  A copy of Nadeane's PowerPoint presentation including some of David Cary's wonderful photos can be found here.

Who is invited to show? Painters, photographers, textile artists, artists in other media, sculptors, collage makers, sketchers, writers… as long as you are making art ABOUT Finn Slough. 

What else happens? While open, the show also includes art making on site for kids, and other activities.

Questions? and/or look at for details as they emerge. Also see more on facebook.

With thanks to the many many people who make this possible through their art making, their thinking, their planning and their generosity with their time. Special thanks to Richmond Cultural Centre.



Sam Halonen

One of the fishermen and residents here at Finn Slough in the 1960's was Sam Halonen.

He had a little shack which still stands (slightly modified) down by the entrance of the Slough as his base.

His daughter Päivi has posted a very nice page on her website about him here:



The EVA was a big hit at the 2015 Richmond Maritime Festival in Steveston.


Some of our resident artists were also there creating.




Please go the Environment page and read,

Small is Beautiful and Other Slough Considerations

Part of a talk given by Nadeane Trowse at the 13th Annual Art About Finn Slough Show. 



Finn Slough: An inspiration for creative expression over the century:

Marina Szijarto, one of our residents has presented at this event on the subject above.  

The title of this particular PechaKucha is "Secrets of the Fraser: the stories, hidden histories and creative inspiration that flows from the waterway of the Fraser River".




The evening revolved around a presentation format where each presenter shows 20 images for 20 seconds each while speaking (about a 6 ½ minute presentation).

'PechaKucha' - is organized by Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site and the City of Richmond Public Art Program.

" PechaKucha events provide a platform for individuals to share ideas, network, and show work in public. The event will offer the community to meet the presenters and engage in conversations about the arts and culture.

The PechaKucha organization is a non-profit, grass-roots group. The event is free to the public and participating presenters are not reimbursed. More information can be obtained on the PechaKucha website:"



Here is a video by Marina Szijarto called Meditation with Tides, a beautiful time lapse art piece showing the pulse of the Finn Slough tides. 


In Marina's words:  At Finn Slough, Richmond, BC. 'Where history & nature gently co-exist'
This stop action movie was taken from the deck of a floating converted net-loft. It was originally taken to capture the many tourists who visit Finn Slough over its historic 90 year old bridge, but the movement of the tide, the 'breathing' of the place became the point of interest, the meditation.”



There is another small community that is in peril in the Lower Mainland.

The Belcarra South Preservation Society is trying to keep Metro Vancouver from demolishing their homes.  Here are a couple of links pertaining to their struggle.  One to the Society’s page and the other to a very good article by Charles Campbell.


Bridge Stories

The 2008 Art About Finn Slough Show theme "A Bridge to History" generated some wonderful bridge stories from some of the residents.  Read them here.  A definite piano theme seems to be running through.



Here are some videos:

Eva moves through the drawbridge:



April 6, 2008


Here Al is bringing the fish boat EVA down Finn Slough from its winter cradle for the summer.  To get through the drawbridge over to Gilmour Island it is necessary to remove five planks, so David is lifting the last one just in time.  Hear that sound?  That's the distinctive pop-pop pop-pop of EVA's classic make and break Easthope gas engine.

There are more EVA and Slough videos here.


Here are some Mallards and Mute Swans feeding off the bottom.



February 27, 2017


Waves of Snow Geese over Finn Slough




February 4, 2017


Our seasonal swans had to break a little ice to get up the Slough today.




February 08, 2014



Our resident beaver heading home with some lunch.



January 18, 2013



A very brazen Palliated Woodpecker came by as I stepped out today and could care less that I was filming.



October 29, 2011



There has been a wild bee nest in this shed at Finn Slough since before 1982.



June 7, 2011



A Downy Woodpecker Announcing his Intentions for Spring:


 One of the wonderful iconic sounds of spring here at the Slough.

April 17, 2011


A Great Blue Heron Feeding in the Slough:



April 10, 2011


Messing Around in Boats:


March 19, 2011


Finn Slough in the rain:

January 20, 2011 


 There are more EVA and Slough videos here.






Natural History of Richmond, British Columbia


A nice video about the

George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary



A Tribute to Harry Vanderschee



A Tribute to Captain Bill Harvie




Graphic by David Roberts



A Petition Letter if you feel so inclined.



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