Finn Slough Heritage & Wetland Society

(All photos by Ulrich Gaede)

Here Bob Jones is loading a gillnet onto the "EVA". The nets are stored and repaired on racks in the net-shed to the right. Perhaps difficult to see, just below the second porthole is the exhaust for the "EASTHOPE" two cylinder gas engine. The distinctive pop-pop-pop is a sound from the past. The first power plant in this boat was the 8-12 horsepower model weighing in at 400 pounds. In the forty's it was switched to a 10-18 HP model weighing twice as much. This engine is still in use today.

The "EVA" is 28 feet long and was built in 1937. 

The "SEA LION" was built in 1939, is 31 feet long and still fishes the Fraser. The boat cost about 800 dollars and the original "EASTHOPE" two cylinder gas engine about 700 dollars. This was paid off in the first season of fishing. It is now powered by a 6 cylinder Ford gasoline engine.

Here's Charlie mending a modern nylon gillnet. The name of the boat is "JEEP". A longtime resident and fisher in the area, Charlie has unfortunately passed away. He will be missed.

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